Valentine’s Day: Before kids + after

Oh, Valentine’s Day. Before kids, it’s a romantic holiday that pretty much guarantees a date night out and some sexy time going down.

After kids, well, let’s just say it’s a different story. . .

Before kids: Ohh, I hope he gets me flowers! 💐
After kids: Ohh, I hope he takes the trash out!

Before kids: What sexy underwear should I wear?
After kids: “Take your brother’s underwear off your head!”

Before kids: Romantic restaurant time!
After kids: Heart-shaped pancake time!

Before kids: THIS is the perfect Valentine’s Day card.
After kids: Those are the most beautiful scribbles I’ve ever seen.

Before kids: Let me light some candles. . .🕯
After kids: Candles are a fire hazard and you may not have them until you are approximately 30-years-old. Do not look at candles. Do not talk about candles. Do not even think about candles.

Before kids: John Legend gets me in the mood.
After kids: Raffi makes me feel insane.

Before kids: Secretly, I just hope for chocolates. 🍫

Before kids: Why don’t we book a romantic vacation somewhere?
After kids: Should we book a trip to Disney? Again?

Before kids: Maybe we’ll shower together. . .
After kids: When’s the last time I showered?

Before kids: "I wonder if he'll surprise me with a night out on the town?
After kids: "I wonder if we'll stay up for an episode of The Crown tonight?"

Before kids: Let’s grab a drink at our favorite bar.
After kids: WINE ME ON THE COUCH. 🍷

Before kids: I’d love it if we stayed up late talking and snuggling.
After kids: I’d love it if we went to sleep at 8 pm.

Before kids: Sexy. Time.
After kids: “Mommy, what are you and daddy doing?”

Before kids: I love our life.
After kids: I’ve never loved our life more. ❤️

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