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Being A Parent Is A Lot About Googling Stuff

Getting The Hang Of It ?—Seven-Week-Old Baby

Little known fact. And if you Googled, "What solves 9 out of 10 baby-related challenges" you know what would come up? Baby massage. Researchers analyzed a series of studies and found that babies who were massaged cried less, slept better and had lower levels of stress hormones such as cortisol.Score. Bonus points: There's honestly almost nothing better in motherhood than kissing and massaging your baby's chubby little limbs. Google it.

XO, TeamMotherly

P.S. Infant massage tutorial herebaby massage oil we love here.
? Baby this week: Your love goes a long way to boosting baby's self-confidence. When babies are treated in a loving and sensitive way, it actually helps their brains develop. Try this: Let your baby know you hear it when she's upset by soothing her in a gentle voice that reflects her complaint, "Oh, I know you don't like your diaper changed, baby." What a good mama!