5 photos of the royal kids being kids during the Queen's birthday parade

All eyes were on the Queen's hilarious great-grandchildren.

5 photos of the royal kids being kids during the Queen's birthday parade

It can be hard to be a little kid at a formal event (and maybe even harder to be the mama), and that's true even when you're a royal.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte have had a lot of practice being on their best behavior (they were so good and so adorable at their uncle's recent wedding), but they had some very ordinary and relatable kid moments at today's Trooping the Colour, an annual parade to celebrate the Queen's birthday.

(The youngest royal, Prince Louis, was not in attendance as he's only six weeks old. His only public appearance so far was on the steps of the hospital after his birth).

There was the time Prince George, age 4, broke protocol and started singing (only to have older cousin Savannah Phillips, 7, quickly silence him).


Litlle Savannah wasn't exactly adhering to royal protocol herself though, having attempted to conduct the national anthem herself only moments before Prince George started singing along.

And can't every older sibling or cousin can relate to this moment?

Poor little Princess Charlotte wasn't having quite as much fun as her brother and cousin during the event though. The 3-year-old had a little fall on the Buckingham Palace balcony as the Royal Air Force flew past. She was obviously pretty excited about the planes, and luckily, the Duchess of Cambridge (aka mom) was right there to catch and comfort her. The former Kate Middleton once again proves that she is a mother first and a royal second.

Officially, Trooping of the Colour is for and about the Queen, but this time, all eyes were on the youngest royals who reminded the world that kids will be kids, even at great-grandma's (very formal) birthday party.

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