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Those first weeks and months after giving birth are a time of change and adjustment. The fourth trimester—the first three months of baby's new life—require a little extra help and love for mama and baby. And, then comes the rest of baby's first year—it's fleeting and it's a lot of work. The milestones are memorable and it can feel like the days are oh-so-slow.

If you're creating your postpartum sanctuary plan, letting friends and family know what you *really* need during that first year, or simply want to get a head start on readying yourself for this new stage, here are our favorite products and services worth investing in.

1. Blue Apron meal delivery

blue apron meal delivery

With chef-designed recipes and quality ingredients, you'll be sure to love these meals. Because you have so much on your plate, enjoy the portioned amounts—no need to run to the store for last-minute items or have extras sitting in your fridge.

Prices vary.


2. Boden Anastasia shirt dress

This modern classic combines short sleeves, a tie waist and a full, flared skirt to deliver a casual-chic effect in one simple piece. Yes, it is exactly what your wardrobe needs so you can feel confident and comfortable postpartum.

[In partnership with Boden]

Promo: Shop the end of season sale with up to 50% off and 10% off other full-priced items, plus free shipping over $49 with code M9C9


3. iRobot Roomba

iRobot roomba

Your mental load is heavy—take one thing off your to-do list with this vacuum. We love that it connects to Wi-Fi for mapping so it remembers those messier areas. Plus, it is great at getting up pet hair.


4. Coterie diapers

coterie diapers

Coterie has just introduced the highest quality diaper on the market with 2x more absorbency than the national leading brands, an entirely new standard of safety and easy text message reordering. Additionally, they're developing a better diaper recycling solution. More comfort for your baby, one diaper for day and night, and a more sustainable environment for their future.

[In partnership with Coterie]

Promo: Enter code MOTHERLYGG at checkout to receive a free 5-day supply of diapers (plus the cost of shipping). Offer valid for first 100 customers who redeem!

Prices vary from $20-$100.


5. Snoo bassinet

snoo basinett

This one is a splurge, but mamas swear by it! It was created by pediatrician and sleep guru Dr. Harvey Karp and gently rocks to make sure baby is constantly soothed. We love the app that lets you adjust the settings from across the room. PS. You can rent it for $3.50 a day!


6. Bugaboo Turtle by Nuna + Bugaboo Fox travel system

bugaboo travel system

The Bugaboo Turtle by Nuna pairs exclusively with the Bugaboo Fox stroller offering a complete travel system that enables you to transition smoothly from car to stroller, thanks to the integrated adapters. True-LockTM base securely snaps into the car's latch system while the load leg stabilizes the seat. The red and green confirmation indicators help ensure a safe and swift installation every time. You can use the belt path instead of the base for carpooling, taxis or flying as the Bugaboo Turtle by Nuna is aircraft certified. From car to stroll and back again, quality and durability to protect what matters the most.

The Bugaboo Turtle by Nuna is $349, the Bugaboo Fox stroller is $1,199.

[In partnership with Bugaboo]


7. Gymboree play + music classes for children ages 0-5

gymboree classes for kids

Discover the power of play in their research-based play classes designed by experts to spark confidence, creativity and a love of learning in your child. We love that their custom curriculum is uniquely created to promote the three key areas to early childhood development: social/emotional, cognitive, and physical. Watch your little one achieve new milestones and learn through play like never before!

Price: Varies based on location


[In partnership with Gymboree]


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