I'm not leaving the house all that much these days, but when I do, I've got an updated mantra:

"Wallet, keys, phone, mask."

Since becoming as important on the daily as underwear, and arguably more important than a bra, I've acquired quite the selection, most often because I've spotted a celeb wearing one that just, well, speaks to me. One of the first ones I hunted down? The rad, hand-sewn masks from Ahida Correalle.

Spotted on everyone from Emma Roberts to Whitney Port, these made in LA denim beauties feature some very 2020 sentiments and marry that small batch, Etsy-esque aesthetic with fashion-forward statement-making. I may continue to covet the handbag that costs as much as a mortgage payment, but it's the face covering that really shines, anyway. And at $30 bucks each, I might even buy a second.

Baby bump + '90s frock + face mask = 2020 chic and we are totally here for it, Emma.

Ready to snag your own? Check out our favorite Ahida Correale masks in the Motherly Shop.

The 'vote' face mask

Ahida Correale The Vote face mask

Consider this one a PSA. Women fought for the precious right to vote for nearly 100 years. We owe it to their legacy to exercise it. (And if you only want to say it from one side, there's another version here.)


The 'stay safe' face mask

Ahida Correale stay safe face mask

Remember when we used to say goodbye with innocuous parting words like, "see you later!" and "take care!" Well, it's 2020—hugs are out and pleas for health and safety are in.


The 'oh hey' face mask

Ahida Corealle "oh hey" face mask

I can't be the only one who sees masks as a great way to avoid people when you just don't have time for small talk. Fittingly, this is my go-to phrase when I inevitably get caught pretending I don't notice someone.


The 'love wins' face mask

Ahida Correale love wins face mask

Gotta keep that PMA, mama. Positive. Mental. Attitude.


The denim face mask

Ahida Correale denim face mask

Sometimes you don't want to say anything at all. This one's for all the stylishly understated mamas out there. Solidarity, sisters.


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