Dr. Norrine Russell

Educator, Expert, Writer, Speaker, Founder & Director of Russell Coaching for Students I founded Russell Coaching for Students 14 years ago in an attempt to better serve some of the clients I was seeing. Russell Coaching is now the largest student coaching practice in the US and we see students across the globe. Our expertise is academic and life coaching for complex kids with ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, Learning Differences, and other neurodevelopmental disorders. Russell Coaching is the culmination of my career, where all the things I’ve learned from my education and experience come together to help parents and students thrive. It’s exciting to me to be offering real help to parents and students through our successful, effective model of coaching, Connected Coaching. norrinerussell.com russellcoaching.com @russellcoachingllc https://www.facebook.com/drnorrinerussell/ https://www.pinterest.com/russellcoaching/

Motherly Stories

Don’t stop believing—even when you’re living in a lonely world

It’s slowly coming to a realization that you, as a mama to two uniquely complex kids, are alone in this world.