50 cute names for baby girls that start with "K"

Whether your girl is kooky, kind, kitschy, or keen, we have a K baby name for her!

Cute baby girl names that start with K
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It's always fun to look through themed baby names—by season, holiday, or zodiac sign, for example—but sometimes it's easier to start getting baby name ideas by referring to the good old alphabet. Giving your daughter a first name with a dedicated first letter is a great and memorable way to honor a relative, last name (maybe someone's maiden name?), or a family name while still making it unique.

Baby girl names starting with "K" are trending right now. From names with a vintage aesthetic such as "Katherine" to names that represent our current world leaders like "Kamala," there's a lot of "K" baby names out there to sift through. And is it just us, or do names that start with "K" always have more nicknames, too?

Browse our list of charming baby girl names that start with "K" ahead.

    1. Kacee
    2. Kai
    3. Kaila
    4. Kailey
    5. Kaitlyn
    6. Kalli
    7. Kamala
    8. Kambrie
    9. Kara
    10. Karen
    11. Karly
    12. Kassandra
    13. Kat
    14. Katherine
    15. Kathleen
    16. Kathy
    17. Katrina
    18. Keeva
    19. Kehlani
    20. Keira
    21. Keke
    22. Kelly
    23. Kelsea
    24. Kendall
    25. Kendra
    26. Kennedy
    27. Kenzie
    28. Kesha
    29. Khadija
    30. Khaleesi
    31. Khloe
    32. Kianna
    33. Kiara
    34. Kimberly
    35. Kimi
    36. Kinsley
    37. Kirra
    38. Kirsten
    39. Kit
    40. Kittie
    41. Klaudia
    42. Kora
    43. Kourtney
    44. Kris
    45. Krissa
    46. Kristen
    47. Krystal
    48. Kyle
    49. Kylie
    50. Kyrie

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