We’ve all been through that angst to get back on track once our little one arrives. For some it’s easier and for others, more time is required. During the initial months postpartum, many of us are not only trying to “get our bodies back” but we’re also using our bodies to provide our little ones with the nutrition they need — and that is serious work.

The idea behind eating for two during pregnancy…well, that’s mostly a myth. However, during breastfeeding, you need to essentially consume adequate calories in order to keep your milk supply up. But here’s what often happens: you’re eating whatever’s necessary to feed your child, and then you’re exercising to feel better about yourself … but you haven’t lost any weight. What’s the deal?

Our friends at FitBump are addressing this familiar fitness frustration here, and giving us the scoop on exercising while breastfeeding. Hopefully you’ll get a better perspective on what to expect when it comes to exercising postpartum. And don’t worry, mama, you’ll get to where you need to be in due time.

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