Your baby is getting more and more interested in her world.


Make the most of their milestones:

You are rocking this new mama thing! And your sweet little baby is doing pretty great too. With each month comes a host of new milestones that will blow you away. That's why we've put together your two-month guide of fun and simple activities that will encourage your budding explorer to make the most of her new skills.

Stronger eyesight and a better attention span means now is the time to stimulate your baby with regular story time. It's never too early to start reading! Don't worry if she doesn't get the plot—interactive books like Big & Little from Baby Einstein encourage hand-eye coordination and future communication skills. And don't forget to smile! Your baby loves your face and voice more than just about anything else in the world.

Here are a few suggestions to make the most of your baby's second month.


Your baby can follow interesting objects and faces with her eyes.

  • Try This: Read picture books for her to track.


Her first smiles are peeking through.

  • Try This: Smile back often and make big facial expressions to keep her engaged.


She will start to coo...the first steps to saying “mama!"

  • Try This: Talk back and read to encourage her communication.


Her movements are smoother and tummy time is steadier.

  • Try This: Give her plenty of tummy time practice on a firm surface.

Your postpartum life:

By now you've probably had your postpartum check up and hopefully gotten a bill of good health. Which is great news for getting out of the house with your baby! Spend time together taking walks with the stroller or carrier so you can both stretch your legs and get some fresh air. Just remember: It can take up to a year to fully recover from childbirth, so take plenty of breaks too. (It's a great opportunity for you and your baby to take in your surroundings!)

Remember when you never thought you and your baby would hit a rhythm? You're about to hit your stride, mama—just hang on.

Discover all the activities and milestones for the first year with your curious baby here.

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Disclaimer: The milestones presented are averages. Any questions you may have about your child's development should be shared with his or her doctor.

Sources: CDC and WebMD