The Willow pump is popular for many reasons but one of the biggest is how freeing it is. You can just tuck the Willow pump into your bra and long as you have enough of those special, proprietary milk bags. The milk bags were the least convenient thing about the Willow and now they're optional. Willow just introduced a reusable milk container and this is going to be a game-changer for pumping moms. It can replace the pump's disposable internal bags, saving mom money (and keeping the bags out of the garbage) and makes the $500 price tag easier to justify, since you won't have to keep buying milk bags (at $24 for 48 mama can end up spending a lot on bags). The containers will cost $50 for a pair (but there's a deal on right now so you can get them for free with the code PUMPGIFT). We love that Willow listened to the moms who use the pump and came up with a solution. "We reimagined the breast pump to help women pump longer and with less stress, and the Container is our latest—and most highly requested—innovation to help moms do that," says Vickie Bond Mrva, mom to two and Willow President and CMO. "At Willow, our core mission is to improve the lives of moms, and we're so proud of the real impact we are having."

You can pour from the container right into a bottle, or you could pour into Willow's new spill-proof milk bags or just into any regular milk bags you have lying around. Willow proves that when products are't just designed for women, but also by women, good things happen. A female-led engineering team brought this innovation to life by listening to the moms who actually used the product. The milk container is worth celebrating, and so is the way it came to be.

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