It’s amazing how gorgeous brand new babies are. Especially when it’s your brand new baby. But you can’t imagine how quickly those first few days turn into weeks, then months, then years, and all you have left are some fleeting memories and some blurry iPhone pictures snapped by sleep-deprived parents. 

Raquel Bianca Creative, one of our favorite family photographers, can ensure that doesn’t happen. This week, Raquel wants to help one Well Rounded NY reader capture those first few precious moments by giving away a mini shoot for you and your newborn. The package includes a 1-hour photo session (in one outfit at one location in NYC), 40 edited photos (both color and black and white), a password-protected gallery to order from, and two high-quality 5x7 prints. Raquel will also make a CD available for purchase in case your baby is just too gorgeous...which she (or he) totally will be.