15 reasons boys are just as fun to dress as girls

From boat shoes to fedoras and everything in between.

15 reasons boys are just as fun to dress as girls

As we have all seen countless times, the girls’ section in most retailers is three times the size of the boys’. But when I am on a mission to shop in the boys’ section, I gleefully head to the back (where it is inevitably less crowded) and yes, am able to walk past the beautiful girls’ clothing without drooling.

I recently purchased a seersucker Eton suit at a store near me and happened to mention to the stylish checkout woman that I love shopping for little boys’ clothes. “Really? I can’t remember the last time I heard that,” she said. “But I actually feel the same. I’m a grandmother of six and enjoy dressing my boys just as much as my girls. Wish more people felt that way! Oh, well, they’re just missing out!” We shared a gleeful look, like we were members of an awesome club. That’s what inspired me to write this article. You are cordially invited to that club.

Here’s 15 reasons why boys can be as much fun to dress as girls:


1. Seersucker suits: Striped like periwinkle blue and white candy canes.

Delicious in any striped combinations. Comfortable and lightweight, too!

2. Bow ties: In all shades and patterns imaginable (tons of room for

creative expression!) Have you noticed the bow tie is making a big

comeback in men’s fashion? It is in boys’ fashion, too. The bow tie adds

instant appeal to an outfit, whether worn with khakis, seersucker pants

or jeans.

3. Suspenders: Too cute!

4. Little navy and white saddle shoes: And for that matter, saddle shoes of all colors and textures!

5. Baby boat shoes: So cute it hurts. Your little guy will be the captain of every ship in these.

6. Smocked shortalls: This is a classic look of yore that your modern Prince Charming can rock!

7. Overalls: Put a striped shirt underneath for a classic look.

8. Sailor suits: The details on these timeless outfits are trimmed with

storybook charm. You can also separate the parts of the suit: pair a

pint-size sailor hat with a simple striped onesie, and grab your beach

bag and camera!

9. The Eton suit: In an outfit like this, your son is channeling English royalty. (Adorable in cotton, seersucker or khaki.)

10. The fedora: Suddenly, your little boy is channeling Frank Sinatra!

11. Animal-themed layette: From babies to toddlers; animal faces on feet, hats and tushes -- there is nothing cuter!

12. The relaxed t-shirt with silk-screened or painted-on tie: Make your little guy look as spiffy as he feels comfortable.

13. The Romper: This is especially fetching in navy blue and white or black and white cotton plaid. (Pair with saddle shoes.)

14. Fleece pajamas with faces on feet: So cute, in chillier months, you’ll want him to wear them all day long.

15. The Mini-Dad: The most well-rounded men in the world look incredible in

clothes and know how to dress (or, are at least open to some great

suggestions from their other halves!. So why not start our boys out

with that foundation? Little boys and adolescents look amazing in

kid-sized versions of their fathers’ most eye-catching clothes. Say

“photo opportunity!”

I have yet to see a little prince in any of the above accessories who did not look adorable.

So yes, a mother can delight in buying clothes for her son, and though in different ways, just as much as she delights in dressing her daughter. A friend recently told me, “I am always sentimental about dressing my daughter as I imagine one day tying the sash on her wedding gown.” Think that magic sentimentality doesn’t exist with boys? Think again!

A mom would agree: Someday, you’ll see the little boy you raised all grown up, wearing a suit with a tie and matching pocket square. Your eyes will rim as he adjusts his cuff links and he may even ask your help fastening his boutonniere. As you accidentally graze your finger with the straight pin, you’ll tell him how very handsome he is. Secretly, you’ll see the little boy who once wore miniature suspenders over a t-shirt with a smiling frog and sneakers that glowed when he walked.

A beautiful child is a beautiful child. Period. So let’s not ignore the fun wardrobe potential of our little boys. And when it comes time for your little boy to wear his new duds? You’ll get a few big smiles and nods from others who share the secret that boys can be awesome to dress, and exclamations of surprise from those who never realized just how worthy of attention a little boy’s attire can be.

It’s true that clothes are a small, though necessary, detail of life. The substance of a child’s character matters far more than the material of a child’s jacket. We want to keep them warm. We want to shelter them. But let us try to revel in the process of outfitting these boys as well as girls to make their way in the world, decked out equally in our pride and delight. And besides, it’s fun!

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