23 photos that show that c-section birth is beautiful, too

1. This adorable moment

9. This joyful new fam

Meeting my little girl last week #csection #csectionmom

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11. This beautiful moment

One Moment. Three Perspectives. #BirthsByMarysol

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12. This joyful look

14. This brand new babe

15. This new life

I love every shoot I do but this one by far completely blew me away. Birth photography is a growing area and often the photographer captures unfolding moments that even mum and dad don't get to see. Acting as a silent observer I was able to capture these precious first seconds of life to enable mum and dad to relive them forever. In this photo baby is still attached to mum via the umbilical cord. I love the position of the arms in this image almost expressing "freedom" at last. Most birth photographers shoot purely in black and white but I shot a mixture. I love the colours in this one especially the pink skin, it really brings the image to life and shows the beauty and rawness of what was unfolding #shp #birth #birthphotography #newlife #life #newbeginnings #firstbreath #csection #freedom #amazing #speechless #newborn #birthphotographer

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19. This proud mama

Two of the most memorable moments of my life (the top was Michael and the bottom was Mia). With Michael, I had an emergency cesarean due to fetal distress. My labor began with my water breaking spontaneously at home, only to discover that little Michael had already had his first bowel movement in utero 💩. After hours of labor, Michael's heart rate began decelerating periodically. My OB told me she would continue monitoring his heart rate closely but if she kept seeing decels on the monitor, an emergency c-section would be imminent. Plus, it had been almost 12 hours since my membranes had ruptured with evidence of meconium in the fluid. With Mia, I had hoped and planned for a VBAC but Mia apparently had other plans that entailed her not wanting to evacuate 😬. My OB was very supportive of VBACs, but stipulated that I would need to go into labor on my own without an induction (the risk for uterine rupture is high with artificial inductions when you've had a previous c/s). Needless to say, I was making no progress on my own (despite trying every trick under the sun to naturally induce labor) and at 40 weeks, 3 days, I opted for a scheduled cesarean. I really struggled with a lot of guilt and grief postpartum with Michael and didn't understand why my body wouldn't foster a safe environment for Michael, to allow for a vaginal birth. I felt like a failure and I was angry that the birthing experience I had dreamed of was robbed from me. I asked myself, what kind of woman was I? Isn't this what our bodies were made to do?It took me a while to accept that the emergency cesarean was for the best and that I needed to just be grateful that I had a healthy baby boy. With Mia, I knew that a repeat cesarean was definitely a possibility and I think I had accepted that pretty early on in my pregnancy. While neither of my births went as planned, I'm just happy to have two healthy, beautiful babies #tbt #cesareanmom #csectionmom #cesareanwithoutfear #cesareanbirthwithoutfear #birthwithoutfear #cesareanbirthisbirth #takebackpostpartum

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20. This amazed mother

21. This gorgeous welcome

She loves her Mamma #newborn #babygirl #babynumber3 #pregnancy #csectionwithoutfear #vsco

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22. This sweet smile

MELT! 💞 Greeting Mum with a smile! 😍

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23. This so-worth-it gift

Finally! Rowan James was born this morning at 9:58am. 8 lbs 8 oz, 21.25 inches and according to her biggest brother "quite a beauty" 💕

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