9 delightful pregnancy photos you have to take

Hey there sweet baby bump.

1. That positive pregnancy test

You did it!

2. The barely-there bump shot

This is your baseline, your I’m-looking-bloated-but-I’m-actually-pregnant shot.

Besides having amazing before-and-afters to compare, you might find it hard to believe in a few months that your tummy was ever that tiny. Go on, take all of the pics of it while you still can. #trustus

3. The week-by-week shots— with an app like Baby Pics

And despite a ton of fun uses for during pregnancy, we’re big fans of the additional features the app provides once your little one arrives.


4. The ‘look who just popped’ pic

I see you.

5. His-and-her bump pics

For when dad gains a little sympathy weight along the way.

6. The silhouette shot

The backlit silhouette works wonders on you, mama.

7. The rocking-the-bump at work pic

You’ll love loving back on it.

8. A ‘view from up here’ pic

Hello, belly.

9. The past-due-date let’s-do-this-already pic

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