Sensitive children are these special, inquisitive, observant people. They notice when you’re sad, and they ask why. They are passionate. They’re not just kids who “get overwhelmed easily” or are “shy” or “too intense.” They’re often old souls with big hearts who want to make other people happy.

They have a light within them, and it’s our duty as their parents to help them be comfortable with letting it shine out in the world.

Sure they sometimes have a minor meltdown because their socks aren’t lining up with their toes correctly or they may shed a few extra tears over getting their hair brushed than another child would—but these are their quirks, and we all have them.

But I have found that so much of our sensitive children’s qualities and quirks are beautiful gifts not inconveniences.

Their light is magical. I know because I’m raising a highly sensitive child.

She is curious about the world. She cares when things don’t seem fair. She talks about how she’s feeling.

These sensitive kiddos of ours? They’re going to do big things in this world. Why?

1. Because they’re in tune to emotions

Their emotions. And your emotions. They pay attention to how other people are feeling and they want to help make things better if that person is angry, sad, or frustrated. They want to celebrate with them if they’re happy and excited.

Sensitive kids can often recognize how they’re feeling, and identify that emotion. That is a gift now and will be for the rest of their lives. Imagine a world where all adults were comfortable in dealing with their wide range of emotions in a healthy way? Maybe that’s how we can bring more love into this world.

Our sensitive ones are the peacemakers.

2. Because they’re compassionate

The fact that they are so in tune with how they feel makes it easy for them to relate to how others are feeling. They’re empathetic creatures by nature.

My daughter has seen me cry. It looks like her heart is breaking if she sees a tear slide down my face. (Which breaks my heart, too!) She’ll hug me, kiss, me ask me what’s wrong, how she can help. She wants to take care of me. They are going to be there when we’re old and gray and need help caring for ourselves.

Our sensitive ones are the caregivers.

3. Because they’re creative

Sensitive kiddos typically have incredible imaginations. They’re dreamers. Their creativity shines through in all they do, ideas just come to them. They show a great appreciation for the arts and they’re inspired by the beauty they find in the world. They notice that tiny little caterpillar crawling on the sidewalk and the puffy clouds in the sky.

We’re raising the next Sheryl Sandbergs and Mark Zuckerbergs, mamas.

Our sensitive ones are the innovators.

4. Because they’re supportive

They try to build up those around them, not tear them down. They believe in people and want to see them do well. They want to make the people they love happy.

Sensitive people are often great listeners—they want to know people and understand what they’re thinking and feeling. They want to be there for you when you need them.

Our sensitive ones are the helpers.

5. Because they’re unique

They can often bring another perspective to the table because they tend to think differently. They’re insightful and reflective—they like to take the time to be alone and spend time with their thoughts. They appreciate calm and quiet moments.

Sensitive people are quite intuitive—they seem to just know things, they listen to their gut. This enables them to get a good read on people. They can feel if you’re genuine or not.

Our sensitive ones are the thinkers.

6. Because they’re strategic

Psychologist Dr. Elaine Aron’s and author of The Highly Sensitive Child says highly sensitive children are, “Quick to grasp subtle changes, prefer to reflect deeply before acting, and generally behave conscientiously.”

Their attention to detail is impressive. They ask a lot of questions. They think things through.

Our sensitive ones are the leaders.