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Hey, baby: Diaper, nursing + bathroom stations to prep now

There will be a ton of diaper changing and baby feeding (not to mention newborn snuggling) going on all over your house in the next few months, so we love the idea of making it easy on yourself in advance by creating stations in several key places. Here’s what you’ll want to stock in nursing, diaper and bathroom stations.

Nursing station

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You’ll probably find several comfy spots in your home that work for feeding baby, likely in your bedroom and living room, so it makes things easy to have a cluster of goodies in each station, especially if your home has more than one floor.

Diaper station

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  • Size 1 diapers (oh too teeny, tiny and cute!)
  • Wipes (those little behinds are so adorable you’ll barely mind cleaning them, we promise!)
  • Diaper cream (we’re big fans of The Honest Company Healing Balm)
  • A changing pad (either a full-size changing pad or a compact changing kit)

You’ll likely be changing diapers in baby’s nursery, in your bedroom and in the living room/playroom (not to mention on the go), so you might consider setting up baskets full of diaper goodies in multiple locations. The Diaper Genie caddy makes it easy to organize, but any basket will do.

Bathroom station

Now excuse us while we swoon over all the sweet diaper and nursing stations you’ve set up for your little ones. What lucky babies!

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