The 10 photos to take on baby’s first day + cherish forever

📷 : Bethany Menzel: Instagram + Blog

As you’re preparing for baby’s birth, we bet you’re dreaming of all of the amazing photos you’ll take of your precious new babe. As a professional photographer and mama, I have some advice for you and your partner/professional birth photographer!

Here are the 10 photos you will want to take on baby’s first day.

1. Mama + baby

📷 : Anna Liesemeyer of In Honor of Design
📷 : Anna Liesemeyer of In Honor of Design

This may sound pretty obvious, but as soon as baby is born, everyone will want to put all their focus on the little one.

As special as those photos of your babe are, don’t forget to ask someone to take a picture of you with your baby.

I can guarantee it is a picture you will treasure forever.

2. Dad + baby

📷 : Lauren Jolly of Lauren Jolly Photography, NC
📷 : Lauren Jolly of Lauren Jolly Photography, NC
📷 : Celeste MacAdam @cellemac
📷 : Celeste MacAdam @cellemac

There’s nothing more attractive than seeing your partner become a father.

He may not have been able to connect with baby as much as you did when she was in the womb, but the moment that baby is born, there is a powerful force that connects a father to his child.

Capture it.

3. First feeding

📷 : Brittany Leigh @brittleighhhh
📷 : Brittany Leigh @brittleighhhh

Whether you are bottle feeding or breastfeeding, taking a photo of baby’s first feeding is a photo that you’ll treasure as a mama, remembering the closeness and bond you created when feeding your little babe.

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4. Skin-to-skin

Holding a newborn baby skin-to-skin has been proven to stabilize heartbeat and breathing, increase time spent in deep sleep and decrease crying. It can also be one of the first bonding moments you share with your baby.

And what better way to capture the love between mama and baby than by preserving their first bond outside the womb?

5. Tiny little baby details

Soon those little fingers and toes will become chubby toddler hands and feet full of sticky unknowns. But today they’re wrinkly and tiny.

Make sure to capture those beautiful details that make newborns so absolutely irresistible.

On baby’s first day, take pictures of her tiny nose, oh-so-perfect profile, beautiful birth marks, and any details that make your baby so utterly unique.

6. A name reveal

Rosie Belle Clark 💛 she is a dream! We are safe and sound at home now and she is getting lots of love from her big brother 💕

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If you have yet to reveal your baby’s name to family and friends, taking a photo declaring her name is a great shot.

This can be especially exciting to family and friends if you had also chosen to wait to find out your baby’s gender. And we also think this would make an adorable birth announcement photo. If you don’t have a name tag, try using the name card on baby’s bassinet or her hospital wrist band.

7. The newborn exhaustion

Being born is exhausting.

Newborns tend to yawn quite a few times throughout the day. And we don’t blame them—living outside of mama’s womb is quite a new accomplishment that takes a lot of hard work.

Enjoy those beautiful first yawns to add to that baby book. They make pretty cute pictures.

8. The moment when family members meet

📷 : Lauren Jolly of Lauren Jolly Photography, NC
📷 : Lauren Jolly of Lauren Jolly Photography, NC

The one group of people awaiting your baby’s arrival as excitedly as you are? The grandparents. There’s nothing sweeter than very having the people who have been where you are (i.e., your parents), step into their amazing role as grandparents. Whether this is their first or tenth time, each baby brings so much joy to the people who will love them and create special bonds with your them.

Capturing their first moments together really is magical. ✨

If you have other children, you’ve probably been mentioning the arrival of a new baby for months.

Don’t forget that this is the first time your other kids will finally meet their newest sibling.

Capturing their first reaction, excitement, interest and even confusion can be a sweet memory that both you and your children will treasure forever.

9. All bundled up

 📷 :  Alexa Zurcher He and I Blog
📷 : Alexa Zurcher He and I Blog

Even after years pass, you will never forget how perfect your baby looked all bundled up in those tiny swaddle blankets.

There’s nothing sweeter than a peaceful, sleeping baby.

10. Your view of baby

📷 : Brooke Urtiz @mrsbrookeurtiz
📷 : Brooke Urtiz @mrsbrookeurtiz

Finally, make sure you capture your baby from your point of view.

Because honestly, no one will be able to capture a photo that will bring as much emotion as the one you took of your newborn baby.

Your baby will only be this little for a short while, but knowing that you will always have these beautiful photos to remember how little they were truly is priceless.

We know you’ve got this, mama.

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