Your curious 11-month-old

Playing with your baby just got a lot smarter.

Your curious 11-month-old

Your baby is ready to take on new challenges.

Make the most of their milestones:

Playtime is all about movement now! From scooping up new toys to starting to stand (eep!), it probably feels like everything is moving a lot quicker for you and your adventurous baby. So we put together a guide to playing with your soon-to-be-toddler and encouraging them at every new milestone.

You baby's attention span is lengthening, which means she can play more interesting games and learn new songs. She may have even started pulling herself up to stand— which means walking is not far off, mama!

Here are a few suggestions to make the most of your baby's eleventh month.


Your baby enjoys exploring objects and trying new things with toys.

  • Try This: Give her balls and different cups or buckets to put them in.


Your baby has a longer attention span.

  • Try This: Read longer books or play “real" games like Pat-A-Cake or “guess which hand has the toy."


She can engage in a “conversation" with you.

  • Try This: Hold up your end of the conversation, even if you don't know what she's saying.


She has better body control, transitioning to pulling up to stand more frequently. You may even have a little climber on your hand by this age.

  • Try This: Clear the floor of any dangerous or small objects so she can explore safely and be mindful of furniture she may be able to scale.

Your postpartum life:

Take advantage of your baby's longer attention span and stronger interest in games to give yourself a few more hands-free moments a day. Set up stations in your living room (blocks in one, balls to roll in another, etc.) and use the time to accomplish tasks around the room. A playmat like the Journey of Discovery 5-in-1 Playmat is a great solution, especially in its “ball pit" mode.

Your baby is on a fast-track to officially becoming a toddler, so try to enjoy these roly-poly days as long as they last!

Discover all the activities and milestones for the first year with your curious baby here.

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Disclaimer: The milestones presented are averages. Any questions you may have about your child's development should be shared with his or her doctor.

Sources: and WebMD

A very important letter for new mamas

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You will shave again someday. Today is not that day.

Set expectations low, my friend, and set your partner's lower—at least where body hair and overall hygiene are concerned.

That conversation could go something like this: “From now on let's not consider shaving a “standard," but more like a gift that happens on birthdays and the first day of summer."

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Boy was I wrong.

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