Your curious 8-month-old

Playing with your baby just got a lot smarter.

Your curious 8-month-old

Your curious baby is just getting things rolling.

Make the most of their milestones:

Your baby is quickly becoming his own person, and it shows every time he plays with you! Inspire that naturally curious spirit by encouraging each milestone with our guide.

His brain is constantly growing and taking in new knowledge—like the fact that he can have an impact on the objects around him. As he starts to grasp cause and effect, use playtime as an opportunity to expand his understanding, passing toys back and forth and responding to him when he points at what he wants. A set of activity balls make an engaging toy and can be great for hand-eye coordination as well.

Here are a few suggestions to make the most of your baby's eighth month.


Your baby is becoming more aware of his environment. He understands cause and effect and his control over objects around him.

  • Try This: Play “if this, then that" games. (Ex: “If you shake this toy, then it will light up!")


Your baby can pass a toy between his hands, bang things together, or throw them.

  • Try This: Give him Roller-pillar Activity Balls that are perfectly sized for his hands so he can experiment with all the ways to play while sitting independently.


He doesn't have words yet, but he gets his point across with facial expressions and noises.

  • Try This: Make him feel heard, but make it clear that you are the parents and know best.


Your baby is getting stronger by the minute! He is able to sit upright independently and can crawl towards what sparks his curiosity.

  • Try This: Make sure he has a safe place to play and get ready to follow.

Your postpartum life:

Prioritizing your relationship is okay—and even healthy for your baby. Set and keep regular date nights so you and your partner can try something new. If you can't go out, there are plenty of ways to reconnect at home. Your baby will thank you for it.

Take a moment to appreciate your partner for all they have done (and do!) for you and your baby. The two of you are building an amazing family, and that's worth celebrating!

Discover all the activities and milestones for the first year with your curious baby here.

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Disclaimer: The milestones presented are averages. Any questions you may have about your child's development should be shared with his or her doctor.

Sources: and WebMD

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