Lesson 4: Your baby’s sleep

Sleep slumber—something you’re having some concerns about, considering the new baby who is about to enter your world

Lesson 4: Your baby’s sleep

Ah yes, sleep slumber—something you're probably having some concerns about, considering the new baby who is about to enter your world.

Sleep is probably one of the hottest topics of parenthood, and for good reason! It's so important (and, ahem, so lovely). In this lesson, we'll cover the basics of infant sleep, safe sleeping, and good sleep habits to help you get set up for a well-rested start to motherhood.

Lesson 4: Your baby's sleep

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Source— American Academy of Pediatrics

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Lesson 4: Your baby's sleep
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    Sleep is sacred for parents. But for as much thought and effort as we put into our children's bedtime routine, sometimes our own gets a lot less love. Research has shown that establishing a regular bedtime routine as an adult can improve the quality of sleep, both in helping you fall asleep faster and sleep deeper. Need a little help getting started? The pros at Press Pause want to help. Founded by women who truly value the importance of "pressing pause" for their own mental, physical and emotional health, their team created a line of CBD products designed to reduce stress and improve your overall wellness. The best part? Many of their products work their magic while you sleep!

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    We love this simple way to introduce a CBD practice from the inside out. The duo features CBD capsules and the Pause Healing Balm. The lower-dose capsules offer 300 mg of full spectrum hemp extract in a tasteless, easy-to-take vegan pill, and the healing balm is infused with essential oils, arnica and hemp extract to soothe sore muscles, battle inflammation and encourage your whole body to rest. Taken regularly, the capsules can lessen anxiety that keeps you awake and help your body relax into deeper, more satisfying rest.


    Pause Muscle & Joint Cream

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    Whether you've tackled a tough workout or simply been worked by your rambunctious toddler, your sore muscles deserve a pause—especially at bedtime. The muscle and joint cream is incredibly light and absorbs quickly to deliver 500 mg of full spectrum CBD, along with essential oils, vitamins, arnica and camphor. The result? Fast relief for inflammation, arthritis and deep tissue soreness and discomfort.


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