Welcome to Motherly’s 4th Trimester Class, brought to you ?FREE? for the month of July by Ingenuity, creators of thoughtful, “aha” features and baby gear, designed with parenthood in mind.

Playing + bonding with your baby—in other words, the fun stuff!

This lesson will teach you how to comfort + bond with your baby, and how to start playing with your baby in ways that help support their developmental milestones.

Spoiler alert: Cooing + snuggling is a motherhood job requirement, and you are going to L-O-V-E it!


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Your playing + bonding shopping guide:

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Your class lessons—

Lesson 1: Newborn health
Lesson 2: Mama health
Lesson 3: Feeding your baby
Lesson 4: Your baby’s sleep
Lesson 5: Bonding + playing with your baby

Try this: Write down your name and those of your parents and then your children. Then locate each letter of each name on the keyboard and note if it is located on the left or right side (use T, G and B as the middle line).

There should be more left-side letters in yours and your parents' names and more right-side letters in each of your children's names. Weird, huh? That's what some scientists thought, too, so they set out to determine why and discovered a similar pattern across five languages.

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