Lesson 1: How your body in labor + the birth process works

A premium class from Motherly to empower women during birth + beyond.  

Lesson 1: How your  body in labor + the birth process works

Welcome to your Birth Class! I'm so excited to start this class with you today!

In this lesson I'll cover anatomy and give you a brief overview of what happens in birth (we'll get into more detail soon).

It's pretty amazing to think about all that goes into giving birth, and how amazing it is that our bodies can do this! If you find out that your baby is breech or transverse, be sure to check out the included article with expert ideas on how to get him to safely flip.

Lesson 1: How your body in labor + the birth process works

Additional reading for this lesson—

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  3. You've got this mama—15 inspiring quotes on giving birth
  4. 5 ways to flip a breech or transverse baby

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Your birth class lessons—

Lesson 1: How your body in labor + the birth process works

Lesson 2: What happens when labor begins?

Lesson 3: What you need to know about active labor + pushing

Lesson 4: Your coping skills for labor + delivery (you've got this)

Lesson 5: How to handle interventions with ease

Lesson 6: Owning your birth preferences + dealing with fear

Lesson 7: How to rock your postpartum

Pregnancy + birth podcast:

Listen to Becoming Mama™: A Pregnancy and Birth Podcast by Motherly

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