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Okay, things are getting real now—on to active labor and pushing.

If you’re feeling a bit nervous about these intense phases of labor, that’s okay and totally normal.

We’ll cover the processes, but also help calm your fears and help you approach your birth confidently. Check out the article “The 5 most common birth fears—and why you shouldn’t worry” to help boost your confidence even more.

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Your birth class lessons—

Lesson 1: How your body in labor + the birth process works

Lesson 2: What happens when labor begins?

Lesson 3: What you need to know about active labor + pushing

Lesson 4: Your coping skills for labor + delivery (you’ve got this)

Lesson 5: How to handle interventions with ease

Lesson 6: Owning your birth preferences + dealing with fear

Lesson 7: How to rock your postpartum

Who said motherhood doesn't come with a manual?

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