Lesson 4: Your coping skills for labor + delivery (you’ve got this)

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Lesson 4: Your coping skills for  labor + delivery (you’ve got this)

Now that you've got what happens during labor, I'm going to spend an entire lesson teaching you how to cope—and it includes everything from breathing to medications, so you can learn about it all, and choose the options that feel best for YOU.

You'll also find the link to the first of 3 relaxation MP3s.

Choose which one(s) you like best, and then be sure to practice these often (4-7 times/week) so that when the big day arrives, you are familiar with it, and can access that relaxed state of mind as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

Lesson 4: Your coping skills for labor + delivery

Example coping skills in real labor + delivery—

Additional reading for this lesson—

  1. Why more mamas are working with doulas
  2. Music for a peaceful, powerful labor + delivery—a Spotify list
  3. What dad can do: 10 ways to support your partner during labor
  4. 9 simple strategies for a calm + peaceful birth
  5. 5 steps to creating an awesome birth mantra

Meditations for relaxation/meditation before + during birth

'Release the tension' relaxation + meditation mp3

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Your birth class lessons—

Lesson 1: How your body in labor + the birth process works

Lesson 2: What happens when labor begins?

Lesson 3: What you need to know about active labor + pushing

Lesson 4: Your coping skills for labor + delivery (you've got this)

Lesson 5: How to handle interventions with ease

Lesson 6: Owning your birth preferences + dealing with fear

Lesson 7: How to rock your postpartum

Pregnancy + birth podcast:

Listen to Becoming Mama™: A Pregnancy and Birth Podcast by Motherly

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