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It’s hard to believe, but before you know it, your baby will be here and you will be a mom!

In this lesson we’ll talk about what happens after the baby is born, and how to rock this new phase of your life.

You’ll get a packing list for your birth, as well as a checklist to make those first few weeks as easy as possible (plus tons of other tips and ideas).

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Your birth class lessons—

Lesson 1: How your body in labor + the birth process works

Lesson 2: What happens when labor begins?

Lesson 3: What you need to know about active labor + pushing

Lesson 4: Your coping skills for labor + delivery (you’ve got this)

Lesson 5: How to handle interventions with ease

Lesson 6: Owning your birth preferences + dealing with fear

Lesson 7: How to rock your postpartum

For more on taking care of your newborn and yourself after birth, check out Motherly’s 4th Trimester Class!

P.S. We collaborated with our friends at Milestone to create these adorable cards just for Motherly mamas to capture the beautiful moments of bringing your sweet baby home. Print them out, snap a photo + be sure to tag #MotherlyBirth and #TeamMotherly so we can share in your joy! You've got this!

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