Today's Video Lesson—

Whether you're planning a pregnancy, expecting a baby or dealing with the demands of young children, remember: this truly is one of the most challenging transitions in your lives.

You're moving from individual to couple to family.

Your identities are changing.

This is a dialectical change and shift in your lives. You can be experiencing contradictory and opposing emotions as the same time.

You can be excited about becoming parents—and scared.

You can be in love with your spouse—and frustrated with him or her.

You can adore your children—but find parenthood incredibly challenging.

That's okay.

We're going to help identify those fears and frustrations—to dig in and understand what lies underneath them—and to come out stronger on the other side.

Let's do this.

One note: On day 5 of this program you'll get a worksheet to guide a one-hour discussion with your partner. Put some time on your calendar now to complete it together. ?

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