Today's Video Lesson—

How do we balance the individual, the couple and the family during the many transitions during new parenthood?

So many couples fear they're going to lose the individual or the couple in order to care for the family properly. But this doesn't have to be the case. Instead, think of these different roles as building blocks—

“If you want to be a great family, you need to be a great couple first, and if you want to be a great couple you need to be taking care of yourself, too."

Use our self-care checklist to check in on yourself.

You can get it from the embedded section below, or print it out from this link.

Self Care checklist by Liz Tenety Galle on Scribd

Today's task—What do you need to prioritize with each part of your identity—the self, the couple and the individual? Which part is getting the least TLC? Use our self-care checklist to get started.

Class comments—Share with the class the one area you're hoping to reprioritize.

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