Today's Video Lesson—

It's time to give yourself permission to take care of yourselves as individuals, and as a couple.

For example, maybe the issue is that you want to be working out more, but you're not.

Ask yourself—

What's keeping me from going for a run?

What is the constraint? Is it that you feel like a bad mom if you spend time on yourself? Do you feel guilty not investing more in family time? Do you feel too behind at work to allow yourself to exercise?

Similarly, ask your partner, what is important to him? Can you give him permission to prioritize those areas of his own life, and support him in it?

Dig into the real needs you have for self-care and couple care. What holds you back from investing in those areas?

Your task—Give yourself and your partner permission to invest in the self and the couple. What are you prioritizing this week?

Class comments—Share your new priority for this week. How are you giving yourself permission and shifting the narrative around this self and couple-care?

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