Today's Video Lesson—

To develop as an individual and a couple, you want to give yourself permission to invest in yourself—in your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being—and you want to give your partner the same space.

Once that trust is established, you'll be able to start making some requests of your partner.

Do you need a reminder text to get to the gym?

Do you need support to go out with your girlfriends one night a week?

Do you need your partner to plan couple activities so that you maintain that bonding time that you used to get (all the time!) before kids?

Do you need encouraging texts throughout the day to get through a hard time at work?

Use our couple care checklist to see how you're taking care of yourselves as a couple. You can get it from the embedded section below, or print it out from this link.

Couple Care checklist

Your task + class comments—Use our couple care checklist to identify areas to cultivate. Whatever your need, identify one request and make it of your partner today. Let us know how it goes.

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