Today's Video Lesson—

Expectations + assumptions

Many times, the expectations and assumptions we have of ourselves and one another are things we don't actually share with one another.

When we have expectations and assumptions that we don't share with our partners, those areas can really turn into conflict zones.

Use our conflict zones checklist to make sure you're in sync on common areas of challenge for couples. You can check it out embedded below or print it out from the link here.

Conflict Zones Checklist

You might try also reconnecting with your partner through a great exercise like John Gottman's Love Map exercise. The 21 questions will help you to be reminded of what you know and love about your partner, especially important as you begin to discuss assumptions this week.

Your task + class comments—What are the unique assumptions and expectations you have of yourself and your partner—especially in light of conflict zones? Have they been unspoken ones?

Share one assumption with your partner today and let us know how it goes.

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