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Love It—Lesson 19—Taking baby steps ?

Today’s Video Lesson—

So, how do you advance your vision and commitment to yourselves, your relationship and your family?

It’s the small things done more often than the big things done every once in a while.

Some examples of small investments in ourselves, our relationships and our families—

—Can you bring your partner coffee in bed?

—Make sure you kiss before you head off to work each day?

—Commit to taking time to meditate 3 times a week, bringing you a greater sense of peace?

—Support one another in healthy living routines?

—Speak positively about your partner to your children?

—Compliment your partner’s effort as a parent each day?

Your task + class comments—Can you make a list of baby steps you’re planning to take to invest in yourselves, your relationship and your family? Share them in the class comments—we’d love to get inspired by your ideas.

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