Today's Video Lesson—

You've accomplished so much over the last four weeks..

You've identifying fears—and talked about ways to soothe and move through them together.

You've learned the keys to healthy communication—(remember 5 to 1!)

You've started to balance the individual, the couple and the family.

And you've talked about your vision and plan for the future—and baby steps to get there.

Remember, we're the generation that can be the change. Let's help craft those constructive narratives for our children—so that they can look to us as sources of wisdom and strength.

Your weekend activity is here to help inspire you as a couple as you build your future together. Open, download and print to get started.

Love It Week 4 Worksheet

Your task + class comments— This week's couples worksheet is all about synthesizing everything we learned in the last few weeks and taking steps to becoming the individuals, couple and family you hope to be. Take time to work through the activity as a couple, and share your insights in the class comments. You've got this. ?

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