Today's Video Lesson—

What messages have you received about family, the couple and the self in parenthood?

Did you hear that in order to be a great mother, you need to stay at home?

Were you raised to believe that couples must sacrifice everything for the sake of the kids—even de-prioritizing their own relationship?

Have you perhaps heard the message that it's impossible for mothers to stay balanced, or “have it all," a notion that impacts your own sense of identity at work and home?

Family of origin messages come from the family and culture in which we were brought up. These messages can include cultural values, religious beliefs, gender expectations, etc. It's all of the messages that try to tell you what you should be doing.

We are free to accept or reject these messages, but we first need to be aware of how they impact us.

Class comments—Dig into those messages. Which ones are shaping how you view your identities, and your relationship? Share a few of those messages with us.

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