Today's Video Lesson—

In yesterday's lesson we talked about the hidden messages that impact us as new parents—whether we want them to or not.

Today, let's examine couples that inspire us. By learning from what successful couples have done well, we can start to re-write our own love stories—and reshape the narratives we tell ourselves about what a happy family can look like.

Think of a couple you admire. Are they partners who—

Are incredibly kind to one another?

Work together as a team?

Communicate respectfully and speaks supportively about one another?

In order to create that story in our own lives, we first need to identify that vision of what happy, flourishing couples can be.

Your task + class comments: Share with your partner a story about a couple you admire. What was their relationship like? How did they speak about one another? How did they act to one another? Why are you drawn to their story?

Tell us about them in the class comments. Let's inspire one another with their example.

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