Yes, fears are real. But so are examples of couples who have found constructive ways to face the challenges of new parenthood.

Remember to look for the people around you who are modeling something great.

Your task is this—to address the fears you have, and to give them a rebuttal.

“Yes I am frightened about this, but I know when I turn towards my partner, I can get through it."

You want to create that rebuttal.

Your weekend activity is here to help. Open, download and print to get started.

Love It Week 1 Worksheet

Class comments—Can you transform your fear into something that feels soothing for you? Tell us that mantra you're using to turn one fear on its head.

Your task—Check out your workbook assignment to dive into your hopes and fears about parenthood. This activity will take some time—plan on an hour or so over the next few days.

*Please note—during next weekend's activity you will go over this Week 1 assignment with your partner. Your task this assignment is to spend time in personal reflection.

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