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Love It—Lesson 6—Listening to understand ?

Today’s Video Lesson—

“The biggest mistake that we make with communication is that we listen to respond instead of listening to understand.”

When someone’s telling us something, our minds are already formulating a response.

Slowing down, not needing to fix, not sending the message that I’m invalidating your fear.

Even when we’re trying to support our partners, when we rush them, we can invalidate and minimize their very real fears.

How can you make sure your partner feels heard?

P.S, On day 10 of this program you’ll get a new worksheet to guide a one-hour discussion with your partner. Put some time on your calendar now to complete it together. ?

Your task—Can you have one conversation with your partner where your focus and deliberate time and energy on listening to understand, and not respond?

Class comments—Let us know how listening to understand went. What was challenging? What was surprising and revelatory?

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