We hear it all the time—"Where do I go online for smart, up-to-date information and inspiration on, well, how to be a mom?"

Thanks so much for your interest in Motherly Classes. We will be relaunching them this spring — please stay tuned for an announcement.

Your answer has arrived.

We're super excited to be bringing today's mothers the most inspiring expert-led classes to guide them from planning a pregnancy through the toddler years—on all aspects of their lives—work, love, life and child.

You've got this, mama. Let Motherly's classes show you how.

Q. How do I register?

A. Just click the Register + Buy Class button at the bottom of your class page.

Q. What do classes cost—and what is your refund policy?

A. Our introductory classes are now free.

You're gonna love it. Pinky promise.

Q. When can I take the class?

A. Classes are available on-demand—so you can go at whatever pace works for you!

Q. What do I get when I sign up for a class?

A. Short answer: You get Motherly!

Longer: You get a digital roadmap to rock your new life as a mom.

Classes include—

Expert-led video lessons to inspire you and help transform your life or teach you a new skill

Reflection prompts to help you internalize lessons and develop new skills

Interactive access to your classmates

Motherly editors and class instructor in a private group

Inspiring worksheets which typically include tailored activities

Ongoing support through an exclusive digital community

Lifetime access, anywhere, anytime—available on desktop, mobile, and tablet

Q. What topics do you cover?

A. We currently offer a personalized video birth class, a marriage workshop for new parents and a working moms course to help you 'have it all' with way less stress. We have also launched a Motherly photography course + a decluttering course: The Simplified Home: A 48 hour decluttering course for mamas

Class ideas? Email us at hello@mother.ly.

Q. How can I ask a question during class?

A. You can interact in the comment section of the specific lesson.

Q. What happens once class is over?

A. Lots.

1. You'll have gained new skills to feel more in control and confident in your life as a woman and mom. #YouGotThis

2. You'll have permanent access to all lessons and materials.

3. We'll still be here to help you—giving you access to interact with our exclusive digital community once class ends.

Q. What else should I know?

A. Motherly provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. This site does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. You should discuss all medical questions with your doctor. Your use of the site indicates your agreement to be bound by our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy .

Q. Why didn't this exist before?

Great question!

Thanks so much for your interest in Motherly Classes. We will be relaunching them this spring — please stay tuned for an announcement.