Motherly’s Birth Class: Meditation + visualization complete mp3 collection

Let these powerful (but peaceful) meditations help guide you through your birth prep and labor + delivery.

You should aim to listen to all of them at least once—and practice your favorite 4-7 times per week, in advance of your birth.

Make sure you save a link to this page on your phone (try the notes section) and show your partner or support person, so they can access it for you during labor + delivery. Take note: You can also pull up the c-section meditation in case you end up having an unplanned cesarean birth—we’ve got you covered.

Deep breaths, mama. You’ve got this.

Meditation ‘Letter to my baby’

Meditation to visualize your baby and a peaceful birth

Meditation to release tension during labor

Meditation for c-section

*Note: These meditations will relax you deeply, so please use precautions. Do not listen when driving or operating machinery, or during a time when you cannot safely relax.

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