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Welcome to Motherly’s Photography Class, brought to you ?FREE? for the month of May from the photo pros at Chatbooks, who print your Instagram, Facebook and camera roll pics automatically for only $8/ book. ?

I am such a big believer in printing your photos and having them in physical form. It is so easy to take 1,000’s of photos of your children that will be tucked away in your phone never to be seen again.

In this lesson I want to encourage you to have your photos printed. Even if it’s as simple as printing one photo of your family and placing it on the fridge. I can guarantee that on your routine seeing that photo on your fridge will make you smile.

We especially love Chatbooks—their app automatically creates beautiful photo books based on what you upload to Instagram + Facebook. That milkdrunk newborn baby or toilet-paper rolling toddler pic that got a million likes?! Print a book and you’ll get to keep that memory forever. #Momlife can be SO hectic, we love that Chatbooks crosses one more thing off our lists.

Action Step:

Make that photo book! With Chatbooks, you can either choose to either auto-upload (hello, easy!) or edit your favorite photos into a series yourself. And with the beautiful new cover designs, they make a great gift for grandma + grandpa, too!

Your class lessons—

Lesson 1: Let there be light
Lesson 2: Background matters
Lesson 3: Styling your photos like a pro
Lesson 4: Get in the picture, mama!
Lesson 5: Action shots of baby, toddler + kids
Lesson 6: Edit those pics
Lesson 7: Backing up your photos
Lesson 8: Printing your photos
Lesson 9: Maternity photography mini-class
Lesson 10: Newborn photography mini-class
Lesson 11: Family photography mini-class

Who said motherhood doesn't come with a manual?

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