The Simplified Home: A 48 hour decluttering course for mamas

A 48 hour decluttering class for mamas.  

The Simplified Home: A 48 hour decluttering course for mamas

If you're like most mamas, you spent far too much of your precious time organizing clutter, tidying up toys and cleaning up messes in all corners of your house.

It can feel like the work never ends.

That's why we teamed up with the uber-inspirational Allie Casazza, who wrote our super-popular column How Getting Rid of Stuff Saved My Motherhood, to teach mothers how to clear through their homes and learn to love life with less stuff.

In this quickstart class, you'll learn why mothers need minimalism more than anyone else. You'll get a 48 hour roadmap to evaluate items that “spark joy" and learn her unique methods to help you quickly ditch everything else. And you'll get a blueprint to go room-by-room in your house and fix trouble zones for good.

And Allie will help you to craft a simple wardrobe that makes you feel amazing. Bring on the awesome outfits!

Course includes:

  • 9 video lessons
  • Tips on how to purge your toys + tricks for managing all your paperwork
  • Insights to make your kitchen + dishes so much simpler
  • Ways to slow the flow of useless “gifts"
  • Strategies to make clothes + laundry dramatically more manageable
  • A 48 hour quickstart outline
  • A workbook full of ways to implement minimalism at home
  • Inspiration + mantras to fuel you for the purging process
  • Q & A with instructor Allie Casazza

Note: You CAN complete the class in 48 hours, but you're also totally able to go at your own pace, if preferred. Once you purchase the class, video lessons + workbook are yours forever to access at Motherly. You've got this.

Thanks so much for your interest in Motherly Classes. We will be relaunching them this spring — please stay tuned for an announcement.

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