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When you walk in your house, the first thing you notice (whether you realize it or not) are your surfaces. The dining room table, the coffee table, the kitchen counters… they are the collectors of paperwork, car keys, crayons, receipts, and dirty dishes.

If your surfaces are clear, your house will instantly look and feel a lot better, and you'll have some space to dive a little deeper into the clutter.

Action Step:

Get it, girl! Grab an empty hamper and start clearing the surfaces. If you're feeling tired or overwhelmed when it's time to sort, make a night of it! Get out some tea or a glass of wine and watch your favorite show while you purge!

The Simplified Home Lessons—

Lesson 1: Welcome to The Simplified Home

Lesson 2: Minimalism for mothers

Lesson 3: Start with the surfaces

Lesson 4: Life in the living room

Lesson 5: Kitchen + dishes + appliances, oh my!

Lesson 6: Make toys work for you

Lesson 7: Tell clothes + laundry who's boss

Lesson 8: Mama's wardrobe, transformed

Lesson 9: Your home, simplified—next steps

Who said motherhood doesn't come with a manual?

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