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The living room needs to be an uncluttered, cozy space for your family to sit and talk, but it's usually a chaotic place where you throw your diaper bag and cold cup of Starbucks. And then everyone else in the family throws their stuff in there, too. As the busy days turn to weeks, stuff ends up crowding the drawers of your end tables, entertainment center, and the beautiful furniture you were once so excited to buy is now hidden by junk.

Once your living room is clear, the main area in your home will be clean and cozy again. Let's make it happen.

Action Step:

Declutter every drawer, shelf, and cubby in your living room. Make decisions, not piles. Don't let this be a waste of your precious time! Spend the time actually moving forward and getting things out of there.

The Simplified Home Lessons—

Lesson 1: Welcome to The Simplified Home

Lesson 2: Minimalism for mothers

Lesson 3: Start with the surfaces

Lesson 4: Life in the living room

Lesson 5: Kitchen + dishes + appliances, oh my!

Lesson 6: Make toys work for you

Lesson 7: Tell clothes + laundry who's boss

Lesson 8: Mama's wardrobe, transformed

Lesson 9: Your home, simplified—next steps

Who said motherhood doesn't come with a manual?

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