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Motherly is a woman-centered guide to motherhood—we help teach and inspire women as they become moms and learn how to thrive. Of course, your journey into motherhood starts with pregnancy and childbirth.

And YOUR birth is a planned c-section.

We noticed a real lack of classes and support for women who are having planned c-sections, and quite frankly, we didn’t think it was fair. You are giving birth, you are about to become a mom, and you deserve a childbirth class! So we’ve created a childbirth class that focuses on YOU, your birth and the special things you need to know as you approach your c-section.

This class will cover all aspects of birth including being aware of your rights and options, a range of coping skills that are appropriate for before, during, and after your c-section, how to trust yourself and your awesomeness, how to rock your postpartum period and more. And it’s all from the comfort of your home! If you have a partner who will be with you during your birth, we encourage them to join us for this class as well- we’ll have lots of tips for them too. Our desire is for you to approach your birth with confidence and awareness, and to experience birth with empowerment and self-amazement.

This course will be lead by Diana Spalding, a midwife, mother of 3 and Motherly’s Birth Editor at Motherly. Diana has had the honor of taking care of thousands of women in pregnancy, birth and new motherhood, and she is thrilled to bring all of the wisdom she’s gained about how women thrive in birth + beyond to you in this course.

A quick guide on how to take this course—

This course contains a video lesson, articles and some (fun) homework.

We recommend going through the c-section slowly, though of course you are free to go as fast or as slow as you like (this may depend on how close to your due date you are). Make sure you print out and complete the workbook, and practice all the coping skills and guided relaxation exercises.

And if you haven’t done so already, join us over in our private Facebook group. There you will find support from Diana, the Motherly community and mamas just like you.

We want to sincerely thank you for choosing to take Motherly’s Birth Class. We hope you love it as much as we do!

Motherly C-section Birth Class from Motherly on Vimeo.

Additional reading for your course—


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Birth process

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Birth planning + preferences

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  1. Music for a peaceful, powerful labor + delivery, a Spotify list
  2. 9 simple strategies for a calm + peaceful birth
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  1. My first time after birth—your guide to sex after 6 weeks
  2. The 10 questions you must ask ask your 6 weeks postpartum checkup
  3. 5 make-ahead meals to prep for baby's arrival
  4. 7 things to do now to rock your c-section recovery
  5. Your postpartum recovery kit: feel your best after your c-section
  6. Write a letter to your baby

And when you’re ready to learn newborn + postpartum care

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Meditation + relaxation for your c-section birth—

Dear Baby relaxation mp3

C-section relaxation mp3

P.S. We collaborated with our friends at Milestone to create these adorable cards just for Motherly mamas to capture the beautiful moments of bringing your sweet baby home. Print them out, snap a photo + be sure to tag #MotherlyBirth and #TeamMotherly so we can share in your joy! You've got this!

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