Today's Video Lesson—

Connecting two people who can benefit from knowing each other might seem simple, but it is actually an incredibly powerful investment in your long term career.

You can do two favors with one small piece of effort—establishing yourself as a leader, a connector and a team player.

Can you harness your existing connections—and strengthen them?

The next time you meet someone, ask yourself—

Who do I know who can help this person?

Make sure the people you connect can be mutually beneficial to one another and both get something out of it. Always ask permission of both parties.

It's a superpower to be a connector.

If you connect two people just once a week, by the end of a year, there will be 100 people who would be out there willing to help you next time you need a favor.

Your task + class comments—Can you make one introduction today among two people you know? (Be sure to ask permission first.) Tell us about who you connected + why.

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