Today's Video Lesson—

Too often as working mothers, we focus on what we didn't get done—and neglect to give ourselves enough credit for all that did accomplish each day.

Part of the problem is an unrealistic idea of how much we can actually achieve in any given day—or that we spend time doing busy work that doesn't actually move the needle.

Instead, you can use this innovative to-do list, especially helpful for working moms, to make sure you're prioritizing things appropriately.


Only the things that are mission-critical to advancing your career today.

This week:

Additional items that must happen this week.

This month:

Big tasks that need attention and are part of your overall goals for your career.


Your big dreams—it's great to have them, but they don't have to happen right now.

You can download the exclusive Motherly + Work It To Do List here.

Your task + class comments—Free up your own working mama mental space by getting your to-do list our of your head, and onto paper. Use our exclusive, printable to-do list to get started. Let us know how it goes.

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