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Work It—Lesson 4—Pocket meditation ?

Today’s Video Lesson—

Your task: Take time today to practice meditation.

Many thanks to Erin Weed from Evoso for allowing us to share this meditation, which she developed.

You can find the meditation at Soundcloud exclusively for Work It members, or below.

One note: This working mama reflection is an active meditation, meant to give your busy mind something to focus on.

If you prefer a simpler style, you can check out programs like Headspace, which walks you through simple breathing exercises and focuses on calming the mind.

Different approaches have their strengths and weaknesses, so feel free to take what works best for you.

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Your task + class comments—Take time to listen and tell us what you experienced in the meditation. Was it easy for you—or challenging? (Did you find your mind wandering back to your to-do list?) Have you tried a different method that you liked more? Share with us.

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