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Work It—Lesson 6—Power preggers ✨

Today’s Video Lesson—

When you hear the term “working mom” what comes to mind?

And when you think of yourself as one, what images do you invoke?

Are they messages of strength and confidence—or messages of self-doubt and overwhelm?

When the feeling of being overwhelmed overwhelms all the other feelings you have—it crowds out confidence or strength you have.

Look underneath that sense of being overwhelmed—

What strengths and skills lie beneath?

Here’s News Deeply CEO Lara Setrakian explaining how she found strength in the constraints of new motherhood—

“I’ve never been a better CEO than when I’ve been pregnant. It has made me a lot stronger and a lot more capable to draw the line in certain places. I’m actually going to coin this as ‘power preggers.”

And read how images of working mothers shape our own understanding of ourselves at The New York Times.

The stories we tell ourselves about what we’re capable of, they matter—and they impact our outlook and behavior.

Your task + class comments—Reflect on the stories you tell yourself as a women who works. When you think of “working moms”—and yourself as one—what images come to mind?

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