As a stay-at-home mom, sometimes it really helps to hear another adult's voice
during the day. And while we typically prefer real life friends, the virtual kind are pretty good, too. Check out our list of podcasts we love and stay current on the latest news, discoveries in science, and human interest stories.
Exclusively for mom.

1. PediaCast

Let's face it, Millennial new moms are notorious for excessive Googling, especially regarding their little ones various medical anomalies (which, after Googling, are typically determined to be perfectly normal). Dr. Mike Patrick, host of PediaCast, is a pleasant Midwest pediatrician who answers listener questions and presents info on practically every pertinent kid-centric topic from infants passing gas to having “the talk" with your pre-teen. Where to start: Episodes 241 – “Baby Basics" and 323 – “Baby Problems." Love storytelling?

2. The Memory Place

A quick listen with episodes ranging from just under two minutes to 20 minutes in length, the memory palace couples fascinating historical narratives with a perfectly calibrated soundtrack. The smooth, calming voice of host Nate DiMeo could easily lull you to sleep when given the chance, so this is best listened to while on your feet. Where to start: Episode 76 – “Mary Walker Would Wear What She Wanted." Girl power!

3. The Mortified Podcast

You'll find yourself literally LOLing at these, well, mortifying glimpses into teenagers' deepest, darkest thoughts. Contributors read diary entries, school papers, and even love letters in front of a live audience. Mortified will leave you partially sentimental for this simpler, drama-filled time in your life, as well as rushing to find your own horribly embarrassing writings. And burning them. Where to start: Every story is epic, but Episode 33 “Erin: My Dad Read My Diary!" will leave you in tears from laughter. Note: there is some very strong language and sexual content in this episode. But it's ridiculously hilarious. Just the classics, please.

4. Wait Wait… Don't Tell Me!

NPR's weekly news quiz brings together breaking news stories, guest panelists, delightfully brief celebrity interviews, and making those same celebrities play silly guessing games, all in less than an hour. Host Peter Sagal keeps it moving along at a dizzying but enjoyable pace. This is one show that, when you see a new ep has been uploaded to your podcast player of choice, makes you emit an audible “yay!" Where to start: Jump right in with the most recent episode and bounce around from there.

5. Serial (and its

off-shoots Undisclosed and Truth & Justice)

No podcast discussion would be complete without mention of Serial, the most talked-about podcast in the history of the medium. If you haven't listened, Serial chronicles This American Life reporter Sarah Koenig's exploration into the murder of Hae Min Lee and the conviction of Lee's ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed. While Serial sparked the flame of this long-dormant case, Undisclosed and Truth & Justice have ignited a raging bonfire of not only interest, but tangible legal action in the consistent claims of innocence by Syed. These are a must-listen. Where to start: Square one. Serial, Episodes 1-12, and then move on to Undisclosed and Truth & Justice.

What are your faves? Comment below and tell us what podcasts we should download next.