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Living in the big apple can be a true butt-kicker while pregnant. The no-time-to-sleep city filled with ambitious busy-goers may feel a bit defeating when your pregnant body can’t seem to keep up. But you can conquer the city by embracing everything it has to offer – its challenges and all. How, you ask? Stay as physically and mentally fit as possible throughout your entire pregnancy.

Here are a few ways you can take advantage of New York’s limitless opportunities (yes, sometimes hurdles) to stay healthy while pregnant.


Walking around the city may seem like an obvious, and often not optional, way to stay active. But many times, women subconsciously cut down their speed and/or distance the minute they find out they are pregnant. Unless your doctor orders otherwise, keep up your usual walking routine and even amp it up a bit by walking a little more than usual. Walking will keep your body flexible and mobile, which in turn will help your body ease through the changes pregnancy demands.

Stair Climbing

Between subway stairs and building walk-ups, you are probably used to climbing stairs. But as you feel heavier and more tired, your pregnant conscious may start to coax you into finding ways to avoid stairs wherever possible. Keep your lower body strength in check by keeping your usual stair routine and looking for more opportunities to take the stairs. Sounds crazy? Well, your body will thank you for keeping it strong, especially during labor when muscle endurance will come in quite handy.

Tighten While Waiting

Waiting is no stranger to any of us, but you can discreetly gain serious strength benefits while waiting. Whether you’re waiting for the train or in the twice wrapped around line at Trader Joe’s, you can use that time wisely by focusing on “tightening” two very important muscle groups: core and pelvic floor. While core exercises like crunches aren’t recommended while pregnant, keeping your core muscles active just by tightening them help to prevent back pain during and after pregnancy. Also, keeping your core as fit as possible will help your post-partum mid-section bounce back faster. For your pelvic floor muscles, kegels is the magic exercise you’ve probably heard and certainly shouldn’t dismiss. Strengthening these muscles during pregnancy will aid in minimizing the common problems of bladder control and hemorrhoids while helping develop muscle control during labor and delivery.

Eat Healthy

We all know that eating healthy while pregnant is extremely important for you and your little one, and living in New York gives you an upper hand. This city offers tons of restaurants and grocery stores that cater specifically to people who want to eat healthy – far more than you would have in almost any other city in the country. Take advantage of that benefit!

De-stress your mind

It is important to have a plan for dealing with the stress you will undoubtedly experience while pregnant. Prenatal yoga is an excellent way to re-focus your mind, spirit and body when you most need it. Luckily, New York City has more than its fair share of yoga classes that should suit your needs. If you don’t want to pay asking price for a class, seek out the city’s plethora of donation-based classes or free pop-up yoga sessions. With the added benefits of maintaining strength and flexibility during yoga, you will get a chance gain mental clarity through structured breathing routines and mind-focusing exercises.

What are some other ways you try and stay healthy outside of the gym?