Yes, we all know how baby got here. But now your nights are filled with an entirely different kind of crying, rocking and satisfying sighs. When you’re sleep-deprived, hormonal and recovering from birth, it’s no surprise your sex drive suffers. Plus, the thought of sex leading to another baby...well that’s just unconscionable. But wait: sex is fun!

“During that time after the baby arrives, women have so many things going on,” says Claire Cavanah, co-founder of the female-friendly sex shop Babeland. “Some of this, you just have to wait out, it will change and does change.” Plus, she says, some women find that birth enhances their sexuality, as they “discover a real sense of freedom and permission to express themselves sexually.” Here Cavanah offers WRNY some tips for easing back into your sex life.

1-Rather than sleep when the baby sleeps, masturbate when the baby sleeps. You'll jumpstart your libido, get to know your new postpartum body and desire, and you may get that nap out of it, too. (Orgasm is a great sleep aid.)

2-Use the Je Joue Ami as kind of resistance training. As your vagina squeezes and flexes, the Ami balls will help tone the PC muscles, which leads to stronger orgasms. And that scene from Fifty Shades of Grey with the Ben Wa Balls? Yup, totally possible with the Ami. $49

3-Lube is a wonderful way to make sex more comfortable, especially since some women experience dryness after giving birth. Sliquid Organics is all natural and will get you slip-sliding away. $13

4-The Minna Ola is a good vibe for reconnecting. The squeeze technology brings your lover into the equation more than most vibes. Since it responds to pressure from squeezing to increase and decrease the intensity, you don’t have to worry about fumbling with buttons in the heat of the moment, either. $165

5-Get away for a night and bring along the Honeymoon in a Box Kit. Sex toys are fun, and they can help thaw any ice that may have formed between you and your mate during the first few months of being parents. $34

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